Terms of Reference – Science Council (SC)


The President of CIHR is the Chair of Science Council (SC).


SC consists of the following voting members:


Meetings will be conducted every four weeks.


Two thirds of voting members


Bourinot's Rules of Order, 4th Edition


SC provides scientific leadership and advice to Governing Council (GC) on health research and knowledge translation (KT) priorities and strategies, and recommends investment strategies in accordance with CIHR's 5-year Strategic Plan.

Roles and Responsibilities

SC will:

  1. Develop, for GC's approval, CIHR's five-year strategic plans and yearly implementation plans;
  2. Lead in the development of a national strategy under the direction of GC and in consultation with stakeholders;
  3. Provide the President and GC with expert advice on priority health research and KT issues, integrating Institute and corporate priorities;
  4. Review strategies to explore and develop partnerships that facilitate the achievement of CIHR's objectives;
  5. Review and approve all multi-institute and pan-organization strategic initiatives;
  6. Recommend funding decisions for all funding opportunities and initiatives to the President approval;
  7. Recommend to GC effective and efficient allocation of research funds using a multi-year budget approach;
  8. Oversee policies, programs and processes which enable delivery of CIHR's strategic plan; and
  9. Oversee yearly progress of CIHR's Strategic Plan against implementation plans and report back to GC, government and other stakeholders.


The SC will review its own terms of reference every two years.


The SC may establish subcommittees and working groups as required.


The Vice-President, Research Programs will identify SC decisions of public interest and communicate them through the CIHR website. The President will report to the Governing Council on SC business.


Approved by Science Council on January 23, 2019

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