President's Fund

CIHR is currently reviewing the President’s Fund and will not accept any new applications until further notice. This page will be updated when the Fund is re-opened.

The President’s Fund provides small grants in non-traditional areas and in cases where there are no other possible opportunities to apply for funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), to support an initiative, event or activity.

The President’s Fund supports:

The President’s Fund has an annual budget of $200,000 and provides grants of up to $25,000 per request.

The President's Fund Committee evaluates all requests. The Committee makes funding recommendations to the President of CIHR.

Download the President's Fund Request Form

Evaluation Criteria

The President’s Fund Committee applies the following criteria in reviewing requests:

  1. Consistency with CIHR's mandate, vision, and strategic priorities
  2. Opportunity for outreach, increased profile for health research, or support for knowledge translation
  3. National or international focus
  4. Consideration of equity, diversity and inclusion
  5. Budget review:
    • Are the budget items appropriately costed?
    • Do the budget items to be covered by CIHR fall within CIHR’s allowable costs?
    • Is the CIHR funding requested $25,000 or less?
    • Does the budget identify non-CIHR sources of financial support?
  6. Absence of any other eligible CIHR funding opportunity

Allowable Costs

Applicants should review the Use of Funds section of the Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) Financial Administration Guide for a complete listing and description of allowable costs and activities.

Conditions of Funding

Successful applicants must comply fully with the CIHR Funding Policies.

Communication Requirements

Funding recipients are required to acknowledge CIHR’s support in all communications related to the initiative, event or activity.

How to Apply

Individuals, research institutions, and other organizations are eligible to submit requests.

Before applying, applicants should consult CIHR's funding opportunity database to determine whether their request is eligible for any of the current funding opportunities.

Applicants must submit requests using the President’s Fund Request Form. Applicants should download and complete the form with the information requested.

Please note:

Applicants should email the completed form along with any supporting documents to the President’s Office at

There are no fixed deadlines to submit requests to the President’s Fund. However, applicants are encouraged to submit requests six months prior to the event to provide adequate time for review and evaluation.

Notification of Decision

Applicants will receive written notification of the outcome of the evaluation of their request.

If the funding recipient is an organization, as opposed to an individual researcher or eligible research institution, the organization will be required to sign a collaborative agreement outlining the conditions of funding.


For more information, please contact:

President’s Office
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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