Individual Development Plans

Throughout your training, have you ever wondered about what is truly needed to be a research leader and thought about what are your career options after finishing your degree? Were the feelings associated with that question overwhelming? You are not alone. When we talk to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (PDFs), there is a common struggle with identifying career options (within or outside of academia), and learning how to transition into those careers following training.

Studies have shown that active career management increases career success. In fact, it has been shown not just to help you identify and best prepare for your career(s) of choice, but also to help you in the immediate term as it has been linked to shorter time-to-degree completion and higher success in receiving external awards.

CIHR encourages you to create a well thought out plan that incorporates your personal values, strengths, skills, experiences and helps you identify any skill gaps that you may have.

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