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CIHR is committed to fully supporting the clinical trials pipeline from discovery to implementation. Ultimately, an early priority of the Clinical Trials Fund (CTF) is to develop a deep national dialogue that will lead to a robust, pan-Canadian clinical trials strategy. In the first allocation of funds, the CTF will reinforce Canada’s clinical trials ecosystem by investing in three funding streams:

Pan-Canadian Clinical Trials Consortium

The pan-Canadian Clinical Trials Consortium will lead greater coordination of clinical trials conducted in Canada and strengthen Canadian participation in international clinical trials. Learn more

Clinical Trials Training Platforms

Training platforms will recruit, train and mentor highly qualified trainees, researchers, healthcare professionals, and clinical research professionals and better position the next generation of clinical trial researchers within the clinical research ecosystem. Learn more

Clinical Trials Projects

CIHR will support an array of clinical trials phases, designs, and objectives across a broad range of health research areas, aligning with the priorities of the Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy. Learn more

The Clinical Trials Fund also supports CIHR’s Strategic Plan 2021–2031 and priorities, in particular, integrating evidence in health decisions, strengthening Canadian health research capacity, and pursuing health equity through research.

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