Governance Support Structure

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Governance Support Structure: Conflict of Interest (COI) Prevention and Management

COI Officer/ Office

COI Officer is appointed by the President to oversee policy implementation and COI risk management across CIHR in collaboration with OPIs.

The Office of the COI Officer relies on existing CIHR governance mechanisms for strategic direction and reporting.

President and Chief Risk Officer

President ensures policies and systems are in place to resolve COI in the public interest. The Chief Risk Officer advises the President on organizational risks.

Advisory Committee to the COI Officer

COI Officer can seek advice from the Advisor Committee on any matter within his mandate.

Offices of Primary Interest (OPI)

  • Research Programs (Program and Peer Review Participants)
  • Governance Secretariat (Governance Council, SDs, Institute Advisory and other Advisory Bodies)
  • Strategic Partnerships & International Relations (Partners)
  • Human Resources (Employees)

Offices of Primary Interest hold functional policy authority and manage the day-to-day COI in their respective areas. They seek COI Officer’s advice when necessary.

Other contributors

  • CIHR Institutes: Scientific Directors (SDs) and Assistant Directors contribute as members of the Advisory Committee, participants in OPI meetings through other established governance mechanisms.
  • Finance, Ethics Office and other CIHR functions contribute as necessary.
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