Funding opportunity pre-announcement: Pan-Canadian Human Genome Library

This funding opportunity is now available on ResearchNet.

The CIHR Institute of Genetics (IG) and Genome Canada are thrilled to partner with the CIHR Institute of Aging (IA), Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH), Institute of Gender and Health (IGH), Institute of Infection and Immunity (III), Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IMHA), Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism, and Diabetes (INMD), CGEn and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (DRAC) to support the development of a Pan-Canadian Human Genome Library.

The development of this national asset will enable all human sequencing efforts to be united for the benefit of all the people living in Canada.


The specific objectives of this funding opportunity are to:

  • Develop a federated pan-Canadian framework that will enable access to and analysis of genomes and associated health/environmental information, governed in a transparent, accountable and consistent way;
  • Support equity, diversity and inclusion by capturing the Canadian genomic “variome” to truly represent the richness of the genomic diversity of people living in Canada, and in all its diversity by promoting the inclusion of detailed information on key identity characteristics, such as sex, gender, and other intersecting identity factors, that shape the health;
  • Position the framework as a key mechanism to improve effectiveness - both from an economic and health perspective - of healthcare delivery in a learning health system context;
  • Provide means and opportunities to facilitate clinical trials based on genomic medicine;
  • Position Canada as a key player in international genomic research endeavours.

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $15,000,000, enough to fund one grant. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate. The maximum amount is $3,000,000 per year for up to 5 years, for a total of $15,000,000.

Expression of Interest

All applicants interested in submitting, participating in and/or joining an application to this call must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by email to no later than 8:00 p.m. (EDT) on November 3rd, 2022. Note that this task is mandatory to be eligible to submit a Letter of Intent as a Nominated Principal Applicant. While there will only be one grant awarded, collaborations are highly encouraged.

Collaboration Meeting

CIHR will schedule a collaboration meeting Friday November 18th, 11-2PM EST, with those who submitted an EOI. Eventual Nominated Principal Investigator participation is mandatory. The goals of this meeting will be to: (1) support participants with the requirements of this funding opportunity; (2) allow participants to explore potential collaborations across teams prior to the submission of the LOI; and (3) answer questions. A formal meeting invite will be sent by email following the EOI deadline.

Anticipated Timelines

These dates are estimates and subject to change.

  • Launch Date: October 20th, 2022
  • Expression of Interest Deadline: November 3rd, 2022
  • Collaboration Call Webinar: November 18th, 2022
  • Letter of Intent Deadline: January 12th, 2023
  • Full Application Deadline: June 13th, 2023
  • Notice of Decision: August 31st, 2023
  • Funding Start Date: July 1st, 2023
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