Infographic: Research for a healthier Canada

Infographic: Research for a Healthier Canada
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At the CIHR, we believe research has the power to change lives.

As the Government of Canada’s health research investment agency, we fund world-class research across the country. Led by talented teams at universities and hospitals, this research is helping to:

CIHR is comprised of 13 research institutes dedicated to exploring a range of health topics:

Every year, we invest $1 billion of taxpayer money + more than $125 million of partner funding into grants and awards that support 16,000 independent health researchers and trainees across Canada.

Our investments help fund research across four primary pillars:

  1. Biomedical Research
    • Understanding how the body works to better prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.
  2. Clinical Research
    • Exploring how to improve patient care and overall quality of life.   
  3. Health Services Research
    • Finding ways to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of our health care system.
  4. Social, Cultural, Environmental and Population Health Research
    • Understanding how social, cultural and environmental factors affect our health.

The best health for all, powered by outstanding research.

Learn more by visiting the About us webpage.

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