Proposed Clinical Trials Strategy for Canada

In the winter of 2023, CIHR published the summary of a public consultation outlining the state of clinical trials in Canada. Over 140 individuals representing researchers, patient and citizen groups, research and health networks, government departments, and several clinical trial organizations identified the key challenges in conducting clinical trials in Canada. To address these challenges, the community also suggested innovative and sustainable solutions and shared lessons learned from international clinical trial models.

As part of the first step towards shaping a long-term clinical trials strategy for Canada, we are now proposing elements that will comprise CIHR’s clinical trials strategy.

Our vision for Canada’s Clinical Trials Strategy

Patients and researchers benefit from a well-funded clinical trials ecosystem that is innovative, efficient, and provides the evidence needed to increase knowledge and enhance the health of people in Canada.

How to achieve our vision

An effective clinical trials strategy would require ongoing investment in CIHR’s research support capabilities to better enable the research community to develop and conduct new clinical trials. To build a truly national strategy, we also need to involve a variety of organizations and stakeholders to work together to create a sustainable infrastructure. Once a well-supported strategy is in place, Canada will be positioned to support trial coordination, streamline administration processes, and quickly disseminate new knowledge to improve health outcomes.

We encourage researchers and stakeholders to continue building on our recent successes. If you would like to share your thoughts and suggestions, send your feedback to

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