Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a critically serious and growing global public threat that requires a unified global response for both human and animal health, and our environment, and to which governments and health organizations around the world are paying increasingly more attention.

The effectiveness of antimicrobials has been declining due to microbes developing resistance. Few new effective antibiotics are being developed and the recent ones are not “game changers”. This situation is diminishing our capacity to protect Canadians from infectious diseases and has profound impacts on our healthcare system, global trade, agriculture, environment and health sectors.

If the emergence of AMR is not contained, procedures such as surgeries, organ transplantation, chemotherapy, treatments for HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, and even childbirth will become increasingly risky.

To address this global health problem, the CIHR AMR Research Initiative supports the development of broader, more cohesive engagement and actions, methods and tools to combat AMR and improve antimicrobial use.

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